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Town Square adds Tile Mural on Washington Street

Judith Inglese fitting the tile into place.

Judith Inglese fitting the tile into place.

For a change of pace from the election, have you noticed that Judith Inglese is installing a wonderful ceramic mural depicting the history of Rockville on the wall facing Washington Street in the Town Square?  Her handcut and glazed tiles fit together as a puzzle (not just squares of painted tile) and includes bas relief elements.  When you see it, it may remind you of the cafeteria mural at Twinbrook Elementary School (1987), two murals at Luxmanor Elementary School (1989), and the entry plinth at the Senior Center (1998)–those are her works as well.  She is currently in the midst of installing the second of three murals and she was happy to chat when I stopped by (but she’s on a schedule and working with grout, so don’t talk too long!).  When she’s finished, you’re not only going to enjoy seeing it, but touching it as well.  What a marvelous addition to our city’s public art collection!

Judith trained at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome, Italy, the Boston Museum School of Fine Art, and Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York where she received her bachelor’s degree. As a student at Sarah Lawrence, she was memorably encouraged by her art professor to go as far away from New York City as possible in order to more freely develop her individual craft. She ended up in the serenity of Leverett, Massachusetts where she currently lives with her family, two dogs and more than a handful of chickens.

What a Week–and It’s Not Over

I took this week off from work to devote my energies fulltime to the campaign.  I spent five days walking precincts (I think I visited two thousand homes), attended three forums, and responded to questionnaires in the time remaining. I’m exhausted–I don’t know how the other candidates did it (Piotr Gajewski seemed incredibly peppy at the King Farm Forum, but perhaps that’s because he was on home turf).  I was elated that it rained this afternoon and I forced off the streets.

Tomorrow is the penultimate forum, this time with Rockville Central at the new Thomas Farm Community Center on the west side of 270 starting at 9:30 am.  From the description of format, it should be a bit unusual (at one point, we’ll draw names from a hat and ask another candidate a question–should I be nice or naughty?).  The eighth and last forum for this election season will be next Thursday, October 29 at the Rockville Senior Center.  They’ve all been well attended so if you haven’t been to one, you have two more chances.