When I’m out and about the community, these are the most frequently asked questions I receive about my blog:

Q.  Why do you blog?

A.  There are two major reasons:  one is personal and one is public.  The first is that I believe everyone must contribute to the community in which they live or work, as time and skills allow.  I’ve been a life-long volunteer (well, since junior high school) in a variety of civic, business, and cultural organizations and writing about the community in which I live continues that commitment.  The other is that Rockville (and the surrounding region) is a pretty interesting place, so if I encounter a wonderful restaurant, a cool building, a person with a remarkable story, or an overlooked issue, this provides me with a way to share it with others.

Q.  Where do you live?

Sunroom and porch, evening view.

A.  My wife and I (along with an Australian cattle dog and three very independent cats) live in split-level house in Twinbrook Forest near Viers Mill Road in Rockville, Maryland. The front has hardly changed since it was built in 1960 but local architect Jeff Broadhurst designed a contemporary addition on the back that has attracted some attention from the neighbors (mostly good, although one person told me she didn’t like the color).

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