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Sunny Sunday a great day for pix

Welcome to (snowy) Twinbrook

It was a beautiful sunny day on Sunday so I climbed over the wall of snow surrounding my house and walked out along Meadow Hall Road from Twinbrook Parkway to Viers Mill Road to snap some photos to remember the “snowmaggedon.”  I love taking panoramas so I’ve included several that are composed of up to a dozen individual photos, so they’re very wide.  These are taken using the “panorama” feature on my Canon S5 and then stitched together in MGI Photovista but I’ve done no other editing, hence the ragged edge on the top and bottom which reveals the original images.  You may need to click twice to get to the largest image (first click on the thumbnail to open a size that fits on screen, then second click on that image to open a 1600 pixel wide image).   At least I think that’s how it works.  You’re welcome to download and share with friends and family.  If you want an original image (just warning you, they can be as wide as 6000 pixels), send me an email at max.vanbalgooy@gmail.com.  Enjoy!