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Candidate Orientation Provides Overview and Grim News

On Friday, September 16, the City of Rockville hosted an orientation for council candidates at Glenview Mansion to provide a general overview of city government and its operations.  Every candidate except the incumbents attended, and we received short presentations for every department head and the City Manager, City Attorney, and City Clerk that outlined the current status, anticipated challenges, and major projects.

The City Manager opened the orientation by recognizing the importance of elected citizens because we “can’t have a city government without a council” and noted that 2010 will be auspicious Continue reading →

Rockville’s Taxes Too Hot? Too Cold? Just Right?

When people about taxes and city services, you often hear:

  • Our taxes are too high.  Why can’t the Mayor and Council lower the tax rate?
  • We pay a lot in taxes.  We deserve to have trash picked up twice a week.  Why haven’t they fixed my sidewalk?
  • Our taxes are fine, but why does the money always get spent on the west side of town?

and so on.  I’ve never heard anyone say their taxes are too low.

Taxes are certainly one of those topics that will bring nearly any citizen to a frenzy so I try to avoid it whenever possible except to say that Continue reading →