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Rockville’s Taxes Too Hot? Too Cold? Just Right?

When people about taxes and city services, you often hear:

  • Our taxes are too high.  Why can’t the Mayor and Council lower the tax rate?
  • We pay a lot in taxes.  We deserve to have trash picked up twice a week.  Why haven’t they fixed my sidewalk?
  • Our taxes are fine, but why does the money always get spent on the west side of town?

and so on.  I’ve never heard anyone say their taxes are too low.

Taxes are certainly one of those topics that will bring nearly any citizen to a frenzy so I try to avoid it whenever possible except to say that Continue reading →

New Urbanism video includes Rockville Town Square

Built to Last recently won first prize in the Congress for the New Urbanism video contest.  It’s a three-minute video explaining how the principles of New Urbanism – density, design and walkability – can effectively respond to the current environmental challenges that we face.  It may be a bit controversial in suburban Rockville but if you watch closely, you’ll see our Town Square flit by as an example (perhaps New Urbanism is already here?).