Twinbrook Coming Out of Snowstorm

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Although schools, government, and most businesses are closed today due to last night’s snowstorm, it looks like the residents of Twinbrook (and I assume the rest of Rockville as well) are coming out with shovels and plows to get back to work.  I took a walk around a small section of Twinbrook Forest (along Twinbrook Parkway, north of Viers Mill Road) and here’s what I discovered at 10 am:

  • The main roads (Viers Mill, Twinbrook Parkway) have been plowed and can be driven, but the lanes are narrow and I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s urgent.
  • Some side streets have been plowed, some not.  For example Pinneberg Avenue has been plowed to a one-lane width but Dorothy Lane has not plowed.  Meadow Hall Road is a mixed bag.  The section connecting Viers Mill and Twinbrook has been plowed but not the section leading to Carl Sandburg School and the Twinbrook Forest Condos.  On unplowed side streets, snow can range from 6″-12″ deep, so I wouldn’t attempt it in a car unless it’s prepared for these conditions.
  • Most sidewalks haven’t been cleared, so you’ll be forced to walk in the street.  Wear boots.  As you may know, it’s particularly difficult at intersections because the snow is piled high by the plows, you can trip on the hidden curb, and melted snow can be 6″ deep.  If you’re driving, please be courteous to pedestrians in the street and slow down–your tires throw up snow and water even at low speeds, especially if you’re in a truck.
  • Most stores are closed and the parking lots are in the midst of getting cleared of snow.  In Twinbrook, open are Dunkin’ Donuts, Safeway, and the Sunoco gas station.  The Asian Market and Bamboo Buffet have lighted signs saying they’re open, but the front doors are locked.  More stores may open later, so you should call ahead to be sure.

For more information about conditions in Rockville, check the City website.

5 responses

  1. If this keeps up, services could snowball back to normality!

  2. Brigitta Mullican

    Lewis Ave is cleared but some residents are throwing their snow in the street so there are areas with snow with rain now. Food Lion (I still refer to it as Bloom) is open and their parking lot is plowed. I had to get some eggs. The store opened at 7:10 a.m. Very few people are out which is very wise.

    Rockville Pike is plowed but making turns is difficult. My car got stuck making a U-turn. Driving North on the Pike trying to turn onto Edmonston required me to back up once in order to make the right turn onto the Edmonston Bridge. Many parking lots are not plowed. God help us if this rain turns to ice. Snow is one problem but ice is even worse.

    1. Thanks for the update, Brigitta!

  3. Why does the caption inside the photo-box say “Snowstorm 2013?”

    Isn’t it 2014???

    1. Yes, it should be 2014. Time is flying so fast I forgot what year it was. I’ve made the correction.

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