Twinbrook Parkway now extends to the Internet

Twinbrook Parkway is only two miles long but it serves as major connecting street between Rockville Pike, Veirs Mill Road, and Baltimore Road; part of the RideOn Bus Route 45; and is a shorthand for the southeastern boundary between the City of Rockville and Montgomery County. It contains a mix of uses, including residences, offices, schools, churches, stores, and a Metro station. Although Twinbrook Parkway was constructed just over fifty years old as part of the much larger Twinbrook development, it’s part of a county heritage area and passes by several historic sites, including “Great Gatsby” country estates and a graveyard connected to the Revolutionary War.

This complexity prompted the creation of, a hyperlocal website and blog to inform residents, business owners, property owners, and users of Twinbrook Parkway and encourage them to help improve or enhance this parkway. During the next few weeks, various pages will be built around around major topics but we’ll also be posting news as needed, but the current hot topic is the proposed Children’s Resource Center (CRC) by Montgomery County.

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If you’re seeking general information about the Twinbrook neighborhood, subscribe to the Twinbrook Neighbors listserv or  join the Twinbrook Citizens Association.

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  1. Max, the least you could have said is that is your blog. You are the blogger, who created it and maintains it.

    1. Dan, you’re correct. I’m the owner, creator, and maintainer for and I’ve stated that on the About page of that blog.

      1. Yes, that’s where I saw that you were the blogger of

  2. I noticed that you quietly removed the “Lake Frank” post… Oh well, I guess revisionist histories of the truth are better than no truth at all. 😦

    1. No, it’s still there. You’ll find it at If you’re looking for something on this blog and can’t locate it, trying using the search box in the upper right corner of the home page.

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