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Pitcher Plants in Bloom in Rock Creek

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On our walk Sunday morning in Rock Creek, my wife and I spotted an unusual plant at the side of the path–a pitcher plant.  As we came closer, we discovered them appearing everywhere in groups of 1-3 flowers (along with poison ivy!).  I assume these are native to Maryland, but we haven’t noticed them before.  Perhaps the combination of a heavy winter and very warm spring weather brought them out.  I did a little research online on pitcher plants (Sarracenia) but haven’t been able to identify these.   Thought you’d enjoy seeing them if you haven’t spotted them already (and if anyone can identify them, I’d appreciate it!).

Great Places to Take a Date in Rockville?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Washingtonian magazine has just listed the 158 great places for a date but Rockville barely gets a mention.  The only places that made the grade are:

Really? Really?  Are there no other great places to get a drink, listen to music, see a show, go dancing, have fun, enjoy a meal, do something different, or even pop The Question in Rockville?  Here are my suggestions:

  • Lots of romantic restaurants in town, including La Tasca or Cava (fun to share small dishes of food)
  • Take a stroll along Rock Creek (trailhead at Linthicum Street and Marcia Lane in Twinbrook)
  • Go rock climbing on the indoor wall at the Civic Center Park.

Any other suggestions to help out the romance-impaired?