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Great Places to Take a Date in Rockville?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Washingtonian magazine has just listed the 158 great places for a date but Rockville barely gets a mention.  The only places that made the grade are:

Really? Really?  Are there no other great places to get a drink, listen to music, see a show, go dancing, have fun, enjoy a meal, do something different, or even pop The Question in Rockville?  Here are my suggestions:

  • Lots of romantic restaurants in town, including La Tasca or Cava (fun to share small dishes of food)
  • Take a stroll along Rock Creek (trailhead at Linthicum Street and Marcia Lane in Twinbrook)
  • Go rock climbing on the indoor wall at the Civic Center Park.

Any other suggestions to help out the romance-impaired?