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Rockville Charter Forum Attracts Thoughtful Crowd

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Last night, the Rockville Community Coalition held a forum on the proposed revisions to the Rockville City Charter, the city’s “constitution”.  The Mayor and Council appointed a Charter Review Commission last year to review the charter and develop recommendations to increase voter participation.  The commission suggested increasing the terms from 2 to 4 years, increasing the city council from 5 to 7 seats, and aligning the city election with the presidential election cycle.  Those ideas were debated last night with lively comments, questions, and observations by the audience of about three dozen people, which included Councilmembers Hall, Moore, and Pierzchala.  The City Council is currently considering whether any of these recommendations go to the ballot this fall as an advisory measure, or if they wish to take action immediately.

Good points were made for all positions and rather than share them here, I suggest you watch the forum on YouTube.  It should be available in a week or so.