The Latest and Greatest Restaurants in Rockville

The January 2011 issue of Washingtonian magazine is devoted to the area’s 100 very best places to eat and I’m proud that Rockville was included four times:

  • Addie’s (actually, it’s in White Flint but I’ll adopt them because it’s such a good place)
  • Againn (this is for the DC mothership, but we have a version of it in Rockville on the Pike)
  • Cava (in the Fallsgrove neighborhood)
  • Spice Crossing (in the Town Square)

Living in Rockville, we have a bit of a headstart on DC residents on a couple other winners:

  • Volt in Frederick (outstanding restaurant in a great historic building; so popular you need to make reservations weeks in advance)
  • Mannequin Pis in Olney (a Belgian-style bistro in a very ordinary strip mall).

These lists are always fun because they provoke conversation and encourage you to try out new places, so in that spirit, here’s my unofficial and incomplete addendum for the best places to eat in Rockville (in no particular order):

  • Bombay Bistro (West End neighborhood)
  • Cuban Corner (College Gardens)
  • La Canela (Town Square)
  • California Tortilla (and its world headquarters are in Rockville!)
  • La Tasca (Town Square)
  • St. Michel Bakery (Twinbrook)
  • Don Pollo (Twinbrook)
  • York Castle Tropical Ice Cream (College Gardens)
  • Urban Barbeque (Twinbrook)
  • Tower Oaks (what neighborhood is this in? Hungerford?)
  • Silver Diner (Twinbrook)
  • Sol de Espana (Rockville Pike)
  • El Patio (Twinbrook)
  • Gordon Biersch (Town Square)
  • Pita Hut (downtown)
  • Seven Seas (Rockville Pike, sort of)
  • Lola Bakery and Cafe (downtown)
  • Potbelly Deli (downtown)
  • Al Carbon (East Rockville)

There are several restaurants not mentioned (such as Woodside Deli and Matchbox) because I just haven’t been able to get to them.  Any places I missed that you’d recommend?  You’ll find a complete list at Rockville Living.

4 responses

  1. Max – I think “Tower Oaks” refers to Clydes Lodge? Located on Preserve Parkway just off Wooton Parkway.

    1. I just checked their web site and we’re both right! It’s Tower Oaks Lodge, which is part of the Clyde’s Restaurant Group. It’s a big local restaurant company with seven “Clyde’s of …” along with Old Ebbitt Grill and 1789.

  2. India Garden (in the Woodmont Station shopping center on Rockville Pike) is one of our favorites – we especially like their Sunday dinner buffet.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. When I was walking precincts last fall, a resident mentioned it to me as well, especially for the fish since they were from Bangladesh (since it’s adjacent to the ocean). Yup, I was talking about food when I should have been focused on votes; what I can I say?

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