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Council Retreat Uninspiring

Rockville City Council Retreat at Glenview, January 2010.

Rockville City Council Retreat at Glenview Mansion, January 2010.

The Rockville Mayor and Council held a retreat this past weekend to establish a vision for the city and along with goals for the near future.  Friday evening and all day Saturday, the entire City Council along with the City Manager, City Attorney, and City Clerk worked with a professional facilitator to complete a SWOT analysis, review and adjust the existing vision, and determine priorities.   Gajewski videorecorded the retreat and a handful of observers attended.   I sat in for about an hour and despite the opportunity to consider Rockville’s future in the beautiful setting provided by Glenview Mansion, I left uninspired.

During the portion of the meeting I observed, the Mayor and Council went through four of the seven elements of the Vision:  Quality Built Environment, Distinct Neighborhoods, Business Friendly, and Exceptional City Services and Amenities.  For each topic, the group was expected to brainstorm and list their goals–everything the City is currently doing or should be doing to achieve that vision.  Given the short time available, I expected a rush of ideas.  Instead, they were Continue reading →