Gazette announces initial candidates

Today, the Gazette provided the first public report of my run for office in a news feature announcing the availability of campaign packets and noting the first three candidates to pick up packets:

Historic District Commission chairman Max van Balgooy, East Rockville resident Craig Trapper Martin and West End resident Frank Anastasi retrieved the packets since Friday, Deputy City Clerk Brenda Bean said. Van Balgooy said he is “seriously exploring” a run for a council seat. “I’m talking with lots of leaders in the community and people that I meet, as well as gathering signatures for the petition to get on the ballot,” van Balgooy said Tuesday, adding that he still needs to review the election materials. “It’s a big decision and it’s a lot of work.”

If you’ve never run for office before, getting elected is as hard as being elected.  I don’t want to divulge my campaign strategy here, but I’ll be working on the campaign nearly every evening and weekend from now until Election Day.  If you’d like to help, especially in the fall as the campaigning becomes more intense, send me an email at

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