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Is Rockville Middle Class?

During the past few years, I’ve heard people often refer to Rockville as a “middle class” community and in the upcoming economic summit, you’ll hear it mentioned as the defining characteristic for the residents of our fair city.  But what does that mean, really?  Is it a measure of wealth, values, or behavior?  I suspect it’s a bit of all three–and it’s a term that’s slippery enough that everyone can define it differently and still agree with each other.  Much like the fictional Lake Wobegon, it seems that everyone is above average…and in the middle class.  The alternatives–working class or wealthy–just don’t seem to be appropriate for us, do they?

Recent surveys by the Pew Research Center suggest that for most Americans, being in the middle class is defined as having a secure job, but not necessarily that you own a home or have a college education.  It also turned out that about half the people surveyed identified themselves as middle class–but this varies tremendously depending on Continue reading →