Asian American Population Increasing; How Should Rockville Respond?

Population growth of Asians in and around Rockville, Maryland by census tract from 2016 to 2019. Source: American Community Survey, US Census.

The recent increase in anti-Asian American threats and attacks prompted me to examine their presence in our hometown and who might be affected by racism. The US Census shows that the number of Asians in and around Rockville has grown in recent years, which might prompt good and bad reactions.

If we value the contributions of Asians in our community, they should serve in leadership roles. At present, Rockville’s boards and commissions include very few people from the Asian community, instead serving in ethnically affiliated and less influential taskforces or committees, such as the Asian American Task Force.

Mayor Newton appoints citizens to Rockville’s boards and commissions—how well is she addressing this disparity? What should she do?

2 responses

  1. Hows about a meeting to discuss Hong Kong’s fight for democracy?

  2. Has Anti-Asian xenophobia reared its ugly head in Rockville? Be good to know.

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