New Mark Commons is not So Common

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It was a beautiful day to explore New Mark Commons, the exceptionally well-designed mid-century neighborhood west of downtown Rockville.  Hosted by Peerless Rockville, a standing-room only crowd of about 60 people gathered in the Clubhouse to hear an illustrated lecture by Dr. Isabel Gournay of the University of Maryland.  Rose Krasnow, a longtime resident and former administrator of New Mark Commons, provided the introductory remarks.  Afterwards, about half the group walked the neighborhood to visit a single-family house on Radburn and a townhouse on the lake–plus a surprise invitation to visit a second townhouse.   Two more neighborhoods will be visited in the next month–the Americana Centre and King Farm–so if you’d like architecture and local history, these are a perfect way to enjoy both.

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  1. Brigitta Mullican

    It was very enjoyable to attend this session, especially the house tour on Radburn Court. It is a lovely house. Would never have imagined the inside to look so beautiful, roomy and and bright with so much daylight coming into the house. The nature around the house is also beautiful. The New Mark Commons house is three times the size of my Twinbrook house.

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