A Great Day at the Homes and Hospitality Tour

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It was an absolutely beautiful day for Peerless Rockville‘s Homes and Hospitality Tour.  Six houses, new and old, were featured in the West End neighborhood and situated close enough together that you could easily walk from one to the other.  A special treat was live music and delicious food.  Several local restaurants donated refreshments, including Tower Oaks Lodge, Oro Pomodoro, Carmen’s Italian Ice, Bobby’s Crabcakes, and Great Harvest Bread.  And unlike other house tours that are overcrowded, this one was very comfortable and you could easily chat with community leaders, such as Senator Jennie Forehand, Delegate Luiz Simmons, Delegate Jim Gilchrist, Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio, Councilman John Britton, Councilmember Bridget Newton, and City Manager Scott Ullery.  Everyone had a great time and it was a great way to explore a neighborhood.

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