There’s no business like snow business

Twinbrook and Meadow Hall roads covered in snow.

It looks like this weekend’s snowfalls sets a record with about 24″ falling in Rockville.  Wonderfully quiet today but that’s because most people could only step a few feet outside before encountering snow up to their knees.  I cut a path to the street so I could check out the neighborhood, but boy, am I sore.  In the evening, some local guys offered to shovel my driveway and sidewalk, which I gladly accepted (for a fee, naturally).  It was actually nice to encounter people who found an opportunity to earn some extra cash–true entrepreneurs.

I am still surprised, however, how many people park their cars on Twinbrook Parkway even though its clearly marked as a snow emergency route.  They can easily park their cars around the corner on a side street to allow the plows to fully clear the main streets so they’re safe for everyone–neighbors, police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks.  I really wish the city would issue citations, even warnings, to remind people.  I did spot one house who very thoughtfully cleared a space around the fire hydrant so it could be easily spotted in case of fire.  Two gold stars for you!

When the sky cleared briefly as the sun was setting, I did get out to take panaromic photos of Twinbrook Parkway and Viers Mill Road.  You won’t see it look like this for a long time!

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