New Bakery opens in Rockville

I love to cook but I’m not a great baker, so I have to rely on the skills of others for a crusty loaf of sourdough bread, a buttery almond croissant, a flaky Napolean, a beautiful fruit tart, and a luscious cake.  I’m sufficiently picky that I rarely buy bread from the grocery store and instead only buy my baked goods at specific places, such as Whole Foods, St. Michel Bakery, Shilla Bakery, and the farmers’ markets in Rockville and Olney.  But I may be able to add to that list:  CakeDreams Cakery has just opened at 90 West Montgomery Ave (near South Adams?) in Rockville and offers 22 different American and European style cakes and 24 different fillings and frostings.  Cupcakes are $2.85 each, a dozen baby cakes are $10, and basic party cakes start at $24.  It’s a family-owned business, so check them out Tuesday-Saturday and let us know what you think.

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