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“‘Round Rockville” Bus Returns to Service on Rocky Road

Ride On Bus #45: 'Round Rockville shuttle at Twinbrook Metro

The ‘Round Rockville bus has returned to service, but what does the future hold?

Ride On’s #45 is the major connector for Rockville–it’s the only bus that connects the Twinbrook and Rockville Metro stations with the Civic Center, Town Center, Senior Center, and Fallsgrove.  Despite the county’s agreement to operate the six specially branded buses and nearly $1 million of federal and city funds in 2009, it’s been a troubled route.

Shortly after its launch, the buses were pulled from service due to mechanical problems and replaced with an assortment of large and small busses in varying conditions and ages.  In 2010, County Executive Ike Leggett proposed eliminating the route and although service was preserved, it was significantly reduced.  The “Rockville” busses are now back on the streets, but problems continue.  My ride today (and everyone else’s) was free because the fare box was broken.  What’s going on in the county’s Department of Transportation?  Councilmember Phil Andrews, what are you doing?