Just Crazy About My New Concrete Walkway

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I may sound crazy, but I’m sooooooo happy about my new concrete walkway at my house.  For years we’ve been dragging our trashcans from the back door to the curb over an increasingly worn gravel walkway, which became a struggle in rain and snow with the new big city trashcans.  It took several years for me to decide what I wanted because of existing fences and trees as well as other more pressing projects around the house, but now that it’s done, it’s a beauty.  The slideshow includes lots of shots before, during, and after so you can see the work in progress as well as the quality of the work.  Look at those control joints!  They’re clean, neat, and straight from end to end, especially where they meet another joint (for comparison, look at the ones in a typical sidewalk and you’ll see right away how much more masterful these are).

From excavation to forming to finishing to clean up (yes, clean up!), the work was entirely performed by Jose Guzman of Strictly Concrete who is right in my neighborhood of Twinbrook.  The business end of things was handled professionally as well, with a clearly written contract in advance, payment receipts, and maintenance and care instructions.  I’m so happy to give work to someone in my town, but when it’s such outstanding quality, it’s a home run.

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  1. Nicely done Max! Looks great. You wonder how you ever managed without things like this once you have them!

  2. Brigitta Mullican

    It sounds so good that you are satisfied with the contractor who put in your new walkway.

    Glad you were permitted to add the impervious surface in your yard without the City telling you that the concrete isn’t allowed. Are you going to save your rain in a rain barrel? You are already getting charged for water runoff.

    I love the slide show.

    1. Geez, Brigitta, you got me worried so I checked the city code again just to be sure my walkway was exempt from the storm water management regulations. According to Section 19-3, this project is exempt because it does NOT, “Create or replace two thousand (2,000) square feet or more of impervious area on an improved single unit detached dwelling lot or an improved townhouse or semi-detached dwelling lot.” My walkway is around 200 square feet.

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