Farmers Markets: Recommendations Wanted

For the next issue of Rockville Living, the online magazine, I’ll be writing about farmers markets since it’s the beginning of the season.  Of course I’ll talk about the market in Rockville, but I may also mention the relatively new market in Olney (since it’s close by and very different) and the Farm Women’s Cooperative Market in Bethesda (because it’s the oldest and has an interesting history).  I’ve already begun interviewing some of the vendors to get their perspectives and I’ll be making some recommendations on what to buy from whom (e.g., grass-fed beef from the Kaufmann family at Garden Path Farm at the Rockville market on Saturday), but if you have recommendations, suggestions, or ideas, post them here for consideration.  I need to file my story soon, so let me know by June 16 (but of course, you can post comments here or at Rockville Living afterwards).

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