Twinbrook House Brightened with Mosaic Tile Walkway

1708 Farragut, Twinbrook

Walking is often the best way to explore a neighborhood–zooming by in a car just doesn’t give you enough time to look (and you should be watching the road, not the houses).  A couple months ago while I was walking precincts for my council campaign, I discovered a house at 1708 Farragut that first drew me back because it bordered on another example of “McMansionism” in a Twinbrook neighborhood (it even had the symptomatic Palladian window!).  On closer inspection it turned out to be much nicer, especially because it had a fabulous mosaic tile walkway.  I’m not talking about the typical 1 x 1″ squares or hexes of colored tile–that’s definitely ho hum.  But this is a walkway decorated with all sorts of durable materials, including polished stones, glass pebbles, copper pipe, opalescent glass, marble, and glass bottles, arranged in a charming and beautiful manner.  It really is fantastic and worth a look if you’re into architectural crafts or tile.  I don’t know the artist, but it is signed “Jane 09” in one spot (can someone help identify?).  In the meantime, click on the picture or the caption, and you’ll see a photoalbum of a dozen images.

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  1. Max, that’s the home of Neil and Jane Hartman. I’m pretty sure they did all that work themselves — “Jane” is the artist and co-homeowner.

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