Rockville safe from politicians this weekend

With the rain and the Redskins game (or whatever you call that fiasco), the candidates had little opportunity to knock on doors to meet voters.  I was only able to find a couple hours to visit Woodley Gardens, a very charming 1960s neighborhood in the northwest corner of the city.  Surrounded by a forest preserve and set on gently curving roads with mature trees, it’s hard to believe that downtown is just a mile or so away.  The residents I met were gracious and Aster Boulevard was peppered with families of various ages and political leanings.  And given my interests, I enjoyed the architectural variety of the houses, including a small row of contemporary ones on Nelson Avenue.  How did those get there?

While it was raining and the Redskins were losing, I suspect all the candidates were at home as I was,  preparing their first financial reports for their campaigns.  Not very exciting and a bit confusing, it’s like filling out tax forms.  But it is nice to see how much financial support I’ve already garnered so far in the race; as a newcomer I really expected that I would be funding most of it by myself.

This week I’ve received invitations to five forums and two community events, along with two candidate questionnaires, and I suspect more will be coming this week since we’re now just over one month away from the election.  I’ve also spent the week reading the city budgets for the past five years, so I have a much better understanding of our city as well as the financial challenges we’re facing (and how we got here).  I’ll write more about that shortly.

My official “video statement” for the campaign is available online.  The camera crew is really supportive, but geez, it’s still hard to do this even though I have lots of media training and do lots of public speaking.  I wanted to be sure I didn’t stumble over my words, so I used the teleprompter, but then I didn’t want to look like I was reading out loud, so I tried to ad lib a little along with trying to smile and look friendly.  It took four tries to have something acceptable and I wasn’t about to gamble with another attempt, so I’m sorry if I look a little grim.  I really am much more friendly than I appear (perhaps that should be my campaign slogan?).

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  1. John Cooper-Martin, 1021 Gilbert Rd., Rockville

    Dear Mr. van Balgooy:
    I do not think my question fits in this part of your website, but I do not see where to put it, so I will put it here. Would you please tell me your stance on parking fees and hours in The Town Square. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for asking my thoughts on this major ongoing issue. Rather than reply here where it might be overlooked, I’ll write a separate post on this issue next week (I have a couple other posts in the hopper and want to finish those first).

  2. John Cooper-Martin

    Mr van Balgooy:

    You wrote that your thoughts might be overlooked, if you replied here. Where are you going to reply, so that I will be able to see them?

    John Cooper-Martin
    1021 Gilbert Road

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