La Limena Named One of the Region’s 100 Best Restaurants

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-4-26-25-pmThe February 2017 issue of Washingtonian named La Limena, a Peruvian/Cuban restaurant in Rockville, among the “100 very best” in the DC region.  This listing includes it among such Michelin-starred restaurants as Pineapple & Pearls, Minibar, Fiola, Rose’s Luxury, and the Inn at Little Washington, but it’s far less expensive. If you’ve already eaten there, you know it’s popular and packed nearly every hour. Thankfully, they’re opening a second restaurant later this year in the Talbott Shopping Center just north of the Woodmont Country Club on the Rockville Pike.

La Limena is located at 765 Rockville Pike (northwest corner at Wooton Parkway/First Street) but it can be hard to find because it’s deep in the corner of a strange two-part shopping center (how did the Planning Commission allow this?).  The shopping center contains a CVS, PNC Bank, and IHOP, and you’ll want to park close to the furthest back corner of the northern shopping center (you won’t be able to see the sign from the street).

Alas, no other restaurants in Rockville are included in this year’s “100 very best” but close by are:

Happy eating!

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  1. A new, larger restaurant will soon (hopefully) open in the location of the old Potomac Grill. La Limena has come a long way – when first opened, they served food on paper/plastic plates and plastic knives and forks.

  2. Eileen McGuckian

    Max, I have been surprised before by the popularity of this restaurant, at least in reviews. Phil and I were disappointed the one time we were there, years ago. You’re a foodie; have you eaten there and liked it? If you respond yes, maybe we’ll go back. My current fav is Ev & Maddy’s on Gibbs Street. Cheers, Eileen

    1. I am a foodie and I’ve eaten at La Limena several times and enjoyed it. These “100 best” lists are always good for debate but I’m always puzzled why Washingtonian seems to return to the same places year after year while overlooking others. Ev & Maddy’s is a good example of an overlooked restaurant, but so is Spice Crossing, Bombay Bistro, Cava Mezze, Pearl East, Mosaic, Pizza CS, Trapezaria, Cuban Corner, Il Pizzico, Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge, Silver Diner, and La Brasa. I’ve never eaten at Adelphi, but it’s at the top of the list for Yelp.

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