Rockville Solar Co-op Installs First House

Norman_Braveman-8.58kW-RockvilleNorman Braverman installed a solar array on his split-level house in Rockville last week, making him the first of fifty in Rockville’s Solar Cooperative.  Looks great on his house! (doesn’t he look like a proud homeowner?).  Before he’ll be able to collect solar energy, though, he’ll need to complete inspection by the County and permission to operate from Pepco.  More than 200 people are part of the co-op with 171 members seriously considering a proposal–it’s a major shift in attitude about energy and sustainability in Rockville.  Thanks again to the Rockville’s Environment Commission for making this happen! (disclosure: we’re going solar, too!).

One response

  1. More likely to see about 50 installs but that ain’t bad. Folks can find an active solar coop to join by visiting MD Sun.

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